Travel to Dubai amid Covid-19


Dubai is open to Tourist- Is Dubai Safe Now? Travel to Dubai amid Covid-19


Dubai is Safe to Visit During Covid-19, here is why!

Welcome to Dubai, the wait is finally over the borders of Dubai opened to tourist from July – 07. Here is all you need to know if you are planning to visit Dubai during Covid-19.


No of Covid-19 cases in Dubai/ United Arab Emirates?

Dubai and Corona (Covid-19), so far Dubai (UAE as a whole) has reported 54K plus COVID-19 positive cases and out of which 45K plus people have recovered and the country were able to control the death rate to 333 death. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is doing the best to prevent, and control COVID-19 spread.


Dubai is back to normal life!

Most of the tourist attractions, malls and parks have been opened and all following the strict rules and restrictions of Dubai Health Authority to prevent further spread. Dubai as a tourist destination is one of the safest places to travel now and from flights to hotels, the city is taking all the precautionary measures to control and prevent COVID-19.

Dubai has appeared in the top one to five destinations that people are looking to visit during Covid-19 according to sources.


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All you need to know before visiting Dubai during COVID-19

Dubai opened its doors to international tourist from July 7 and following are the requirements that need to be met by a tourist who is planning to visit Dubai in the coming months.

  • Travellers should download the COVID-19 DXB app and register their details on it, The application facilitates easy coordination and communication with health authorities if they experience COVID-19 symptoms while in Dubai.
  • The tourist must fill a “Health Declaration Form” before travelling to confirm they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Tourist should have valid health insurance to be allowed to enter the country.
  • The airline may refuse to board if passengers display any coronavirus symptoms.
  • International tourists must have a negative PCR test taken with a maximum validity of four days (96 hours) before arrival.
  • Travellers need to show a negative PCR test result. If they cannot provide proof, they will undergo a PCR test at the airport and should be under quarantine for 48 hours to get the results.
  • All tourist arriving will be subject to thermal screenings. If a traveller is suspected to have coronavirus symptoms, they may be asked to take a PCR test upon arrival.
  • If you test positive you need to undergo quarantine for 14 days at your own expense.
  • All positive COVID-19 cases should strictly adhere to the measures outlined by the COVID-19 Command and Control Centre.


What Measures Dubai- United Arab Emirates Have taken for the safety of Tourist?

One of the popular tourist destinations in the world “Dubai” has started to welcome visitors and tourists from 07th July-2020 while adhering to the highest standards of health and safety in line with international protocols. For the first time in four months, you can travel to Dubai- The United Arab Emirates, One of the first countries in the world to open for tourism safely, below are the step by step major measures taken by the country for safe tourism.


Flights: The flights to the country cannot be full, airlines should accept booking with 80 % capacity only. So, there is enough social distancing between you and the rest of the passengers. The crew in the planes are protected and you as well. All passengers are given masks and gloves to wear the whole time so that you do not touch anything or anyone.


At the Airport: Upon arrival, you will be asked to go for thermal screening and if you have no symptoms and have a negative PCR test result, you are good to go and a free tourist who enjoy the best of Dubai attractions. If no PCR test result, you need to take a COVID-19 test and should remain under quarantine for 48 hours and you will get the results on your phone if negative you are free and if positive you will be provided with the best medical care and should be quarantined for 14 days. 


At the hotel: You will get minimum touchpoints and the rooms are clean and sanitized for your safety. Restaurants and public places are maintaining strict 2-meter distance. Staffs and other guests are wearing masks and gloves for safety.


At the Malls: Everyone is wearing a mask and everyone is checked for temperature so enjoy the indoors without worrying COVID-19 and the outdoors every one is socially distanced so you do not get close to other tourists.


At the Parks: Parks are operating under strict guidelines, social distancing and sterilization in place so do not worry you are safe in parks. 


At the Desert: There are no people, enjoy the vast deserts of Dubai with our desert safaris operating under strict guidelines. Safari Vehicles are clean and sterilized, and the camp maintains food quality and Social distancing.  


At Nature: You can see the most breath-taking views of Hatta, Musandam without worrying about getting COVID-19 there are fewer people and there is no COVID-19 here.


Dubai Taxis: Dubai taxis maintains strict social distancing rules and vehicles are sanitized and cleaned continuously. 


Dubai Metro: The metro stations and trains are sanitized time to time and social distancing is in place, so you do not get close to other passengers.


Dubai Attractions: All popular attractions and tourist places have been opened to tourist with strict social distancing rules so you do need to worry, wear masks and gloves you will be safe in Dubai.



Dubai is Back to normal and So are we! 


Surprise Tourism is committed to providing safe trips to Dubai! 


From Planes to Airports to Sanitized Hotels to Places to Nature, Tourism is back in Dubai you just need to wear masks, maintain social distancing, Covid-19 is here to stay and you need to put safety first and tourism second. Dubai understands that the COVID is here to stay and we need to live with it, Dubai is proof that is possible to travel again, you just need to be careful and follow the safety measures in place.


Visit Dubai with the Best Tour Operator for Safe trips “Surprise Tourism LLC

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